So now we’ve integrated Spotlight. Or integrated into Spotlight. Or with it. In it? I don’t know, and you don’t care, but here’s what’s up: If you happen to have Spotlight enabled for document search (and who, like… hasn’t), you’ll be able to search for Ulysses’ stuff from within OS X’s menu bar. This is so cool, hell is freezing over. And then the Devil is building ice statues, and his minions are forming snowmen, and all is well and…

On a side-note: “Documents” will show up in all their content-i-ous glory (see last post), while “folders” obviously can’t. So what you’re seeing in this post is a “folder” Spotlight got lucky to find.

Why all these quotation marks, you ask? Well, because we don’t have folders in Ulysses. And because we love quotation marks. And because we want to tell a story. Did you know that in German, quotation marks are called “goose footies”? That’s right. Not goose feet, but their smaller variant.

Ok, now the funny thing is this: Germans typically quote in „these funny things“, but the term “goose footies” actually comes form »these beautiful quotation marks«, where it suddenly all makes sense, because they look like goose feet. Right? So, we Germans got it all mixed up and backward, and don’t know anything about this stuff.

Teh horror!

Where was I?

Little Ipsum, Twitter, Skitch (1.0), Dropbox, 1Password, Live Reload, Nice Clipboard, Fantastical,, Frank DeLoupe, Detective, ColorChooser, Desktop Tidy, LittleSnapper, Little Snitch, Menu Meters. You were about to ask anyway, and this was a psychic move on our part. Can you tell we need some sleep?

This post was written in Ulysses 3 to test its QuickLook integration. Sorry for mentioning QuickLook so often, I’d also have rather just went on about goose footies.