Do you know this? You delete a sentence in your text, and a couple of days later you change your mind and would like to turn back time to restore it? Probably most writers have already been in this situation. With Ulysses you don’t have to rely on your capacity to remember – the history of your writings is just two clicks away.

Go to the File menu and select Browse All Versions…. This will open a time tunnel with two windows.

Left, there is the current content of your sheet, while the right window displays an older version. On the right side of your screen you can easily navigate through your sheet’s history. Just choose a particular point in time to display the respective version.

If you want, you can now bring back an entire version by clicking Restore at the bottom of the screen. If it is only a particular sentence you wish to revive, just copy it from the older version and paste it straight to your current sheet on the left side. When you’re done, click Done. And that’s it.