An Outlook on Ulysses for iPhone and iPad and what you can do with it, Part 4

Organizing your writing is a necessary chore, but other than the writing itself it doesn’t necessarily require your undivided attention. This is where forthcoming Ulysses for iPhone comes into play.

Having Ulysses on your iPhone will let you comfortably do your organizing on the road – here are some impressions:

Organize Your Stuff
You can also select one or more sheetsand move them into another group.
Organize Your Stuff
In the library’s Edit mode you can also move entire groups including subgroups around in the hierarchy.
Organize Your Stuff
The + button in the library will let you add a new group or a new filter.

So, elaborating your thoughts on Foucault’s concept of power while waiting for the subway or your date is possibly a little heavy. Sorting out your collection of university notes, however, may be just the right thing to kill some idle time.