We are currently working on a demo version for Ulysses III. The demo is based on 1.0.1, so most of the dumber bugs should be out already.

The demo will have a couple of limitations, of course. Most notable: No iCloud sync, no Daedalus Touch integration (would also require iCloud), no External Sources.

It is also time limited, based on usage. Which means that after ten hours or so of real use it will switch into read/copy-only mode. We might adjust the duration based on feedback, but that’s what we’ve settled with for now.

Texts written in the demo can be transferred to the full version, though this might not be automatic due to sandbox restrictions.

All in all we’re pretty confident that the demo will provide a nice first glimpse into what Ulysses III has to offer, so as soon as it hits, go tell all your hesitant friends to try it out. :)