Yes, so go download it already! And once you’re back, you might like to join us on a little sight-seeing tour along its new features.

Writing goals.

Target a specific amount of text, e.g. 10,000 characters or 20 pages. Check your progress, reach your goal – and brag about it on Twitter or Facebook.

Ulysses Style Exchange.

From now on, your efforts to export beautiful documents from Ulysses need not go unnoticed. We have set up a web platform to share styles and themes, and you can do so right from within the app. All contributions on Ulysses’ Style Exchange can be rated and liked and favorited and whatnot, so glory and stardom awaits for those willing to participate.

Color your editor.


A darker black for that beautiful font, a lighter white for that faded background? Whatever you want. We have opened up theme editing for the masses, so a green background with pink headlines is now entirely possible. Because, yes, whatever you want. Build your favorite theme directly in Ulysses’ preferences, then share it on the Style Exchange. Because whatever you want, may be just what somebody else wanted (and didn’t dare to ask – you know how it is).

Your library. Your preferences.


You can now have your texts modification dates and attached keywords shown right within in the sheet bar. You can also adjust the amount of lines shown as a preview. You can then have the list sorted alphabetically – or by date. And you can edit keywords for multiple texts at the same time, right from the sheet table. Yes, crazy, isn’t it? (Oh, and you can set and check goals there, too. It’s just insane.)

More features & enhancements.

Split sheets. Merge sheets. Add keywords to sheets in external sources as Mavericks tags. Do… know what? Just check out the Release Notes, if you have to know the details.

Enjoy Ulysses III 1.2, and if you find the time, please let us know how you like it!

Have fun.