Yes, it’s Ulysses! And yes, it’s on iPad!

We discussed a little about how to start this preview series on our forthcoming Ulysses for iPad. What to show first? How much to show? And how to get you as excited as we are?

You’ll get to see a lot of Ulysses’ features over the course of the next couple of weeks, promised. But this very first post is dedicated to the news itself: Ulysses is coming to iPad.

Ulysses for iPad will be the very Ulysses you came to love on the Mac. Basically, you’ll be able to do what you’ve been doing with Ulysses for Mac. But on iPad.

Write text.

Set headlines.
Attach keywords.
A link. An image. A footnote.
Sort sheets.
Create filters.
Mark favorites.
Count characters.
Search. Replace.

Access all your texts, anytime.
Yes, anytime.

Start writing on the Mac and continue at the bus stop. In a café, on the train. Get back home and go instantly back to the Mac. Or rather write snugly on the sofa? It’s going to be your choice, and we believe it won’t be an easy one…

Ulysses for iPad

Can you tell we’re excited?
We’re excited.