If you write a lot, Ulysses keywords are an excellent tool to organize your texts.

For example, you could use a keyword “Work in Progress” to mark all texts in all of your projects that need your attention. That way, you’d quickly get an overview of what there is to do, and always know where to start.

If you’re a writer of novels, you could use keywords to mark different storylines or character point of views. This is helpful to review a storyline or a character’s progression during editing – simply display only the scenes tagged with a specific keyword, separated from the rest of the novel. For a deeper insight into this technique, read more on thriller author Matt Gemmell’s blog.

Of course, you can also make use of keywords to organize the texts in your library according to their content and find them faster. That’s what Matt Odlfield, owner of an online dive travel agency, does with keywords: He tags his texts per destination and country.

With the release of Ulysses 15, keywords have become even more useful than before (on the Mac, for starters). Become a power user of Ulysses’ keywords and learn

  • how to attach keywords to your sheets, also to several sheets at once;
  • how to rename and delete keywords, and to merge several keywords into one;
  • how to change your keywords’ colors; and
  • how to reveal all sheet tagged with a particular keyword in no time.

Read the full tutorial here.