11 years ago, Ulysses 1.0 was published – the first text editing software aimed at creative writers, novelists and storytellers. Read the story – and make sure to pick up your birthday present.

Once upon a time, back in the ancient years at the beginning of this millenium, the world of the written word was shattered and degenerate. Instead of writing romance novels, thrillers and tales to entertain their fellows, as it used to be their social duty by tradition, authors would get stuck in the deserts of text formatting, in the choice between Times New Roman and Comic Sans. That was the course of things under the hegemony of Microsoft Word.

In these desolate times, one young man, Marcus, had a vision: Storytellers should stand up against the self-righteous ruler, they should stop processing their texts and instead start writing again! Lacking the capability of programming, he found his soulmate Max, a passionate programmer yet barely a man. And together they designed a tool to relieve fettered writers, an ambitious project with a no less ambitious name: Ulysses.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since. As the movement won a glowing following all over the world, the discontented writers became more and more self-confident. Marcus, Max and their minions refined, reinvented and continually advanced Ulysses until it became the sharp weapon it is today.

The aged hegemon has not yet abdicated the throne – but its authority is clearly shrinking. Yet, authors are writing again – and hence no infant, lady or freeman is forced to lead a miserable existence without the comfort that only imaginative tales and stories can give.

And they lived happily ever after.

Ulysses booth at German book fair, 2004
Youthful heroes fighting the beast. From left to right: Max, Michael and Marcus.

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