If you have been using and liking (or even loving) Ulysses for some time, it may be no surprise for you that others do the same. But since we’re so pleased of Ulysses being part of these app top lists (in addition to the list of the lists), we’ll share our joy anyway:

SSPAI – Best Apps of 2015

“在 Markdown 写作软件井喷式发展的当今,Ulysses 集合了目前市面上大多数 Markdown 编辑器的优点,以其优雅多变的写作界面,层次灵活的文档库,高度自定的输出排版,卓绝群伦。”

“There are many Markdown editor apps nowadays, but Ulysses has many advantages that other writing apps don’t have. With an elegant interface, a well-organized library and highly-customizable typesetting, Ulysses is the best choice on Mac.”

hipertextual: Las mejores aplicaciones des 2015


“Un procesador de textos sobrio y extremadamente vitaminado que se ha ganado el reconocimiento de la App Store en este 2015. Ha dado en el clavo: mantiene la misma experiencia tanto para iPad como para OS X, algo que no pueden decir muchas aplicaciones similares.”

“Simple and extremely powerful text processor that has gained recognition of the App Store in 2015. Nails it with keeping the same experience for iPad and OS X – there aren’t many similar apps to claim that.”

Beautiful Pixels: The Highlight 2015 – Editor’s Choice


“Ulysses by The Soulmen is the definitive writing app on iPad. It impressed us at launch and over the year […]” “The Ulysses suite of apps has been the highlight of the year for us when it comes to apps.”

Because we’re humans, we enjoy praise a lot, no matter if it comes in form of a top list, a tweet or a raving review. We’re basically fueled by praise, thank you so much! And here’s one for you, too: You’re the best users of 2015! You’re fun to develop for and fun to communicate with, you’re even patient and friendly during support – congratulations!