A couple of weeks ago we’ve moved to a brand new office here in Leipzig. And you know what? There are some desks still to be taken!

The last months were amazing for us as a company, with a couple of great releases and bringing Ulysses – finally! – to iPad. (We’ve also received a great amount of wonderful, very motivating feedback – thanks again.)

But we’ve still got so many plans for Ulysses! That’s why, as an exception, this blogpost is not mainly directed to writers, but to developers and designers, who are keen to help us make Ulysses an even better writing app. So, do you happen to be either one and live in Leipzig or Hamburg (or can imagine to do so)? Are you up to becoming part of The Soulmen’s friendly, funny, mixed-age, mixed-gender, multi-national team? If your answers are both times yes, you should check out our job offers:

If you’re not a coder or a designer by profession, or climbing high mountains is your dearest hobby and you must live close to them, or you’re not interested for any other good reason – then you still might know someone who is. So, thanks for sharing!

P.S. Do you need more arguments? Well, Leipzig is a very livable city! You can read about it here and here, for example.