These are exciting times. Ulysses will soon be getting a little brother (or sister, who knows?) for iPad, while the Mac version is going to celebrate its second anniversary only a few months from now. Our ideal conception has always been to make Ulysses your place to write no matter where you are. Bringing it to iPad means a great leap forward towards turning this into reality.

A New Icon

Which brings us to the stickers: Since we’re doing a big leap anyway, we decided to take the chance and get a fresh visual overhaul as well. Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to the good old Ulysses-U. Did you know it’s resembling an ancient greek harp touching on the Ulysses odyssey, while still forming the letter U? If you didn’t, then never mind. After staring at it for 14 years now, we decided it was time for a change.

Coming the big release day, Ulysses for Mac and iPad will ship with shiny new icons. We teamed up with the fabulous Jono Hunt to do a completely new take on what could represent a writing app called “Ulysses”. After three months of drawing, discussing and tweaking, the results are … secret. Well, sort of …

And Secret Stickers

But since it’s Christmas, here’s your chance to still see them ahead of time. All you need to do is to write us a picture postcard to the following address, we’ll then send you back some stickers! (And don’t forget to include your own address.)

The Soulmen GbR
Münzgasse 1
04107 Leipzig

Please be a little patient with Santa, he agreed to drop by at our office after the holidays…

We’re looking forward to an overflowing mailbox!
Happy holiday season to everyone!