Since the release of OS X 10.10 Yosemite we are seeing an increased number of problems with iCloud Drive. Synchronization among devices in general and between Ulysses and Daedalus specifically were reported to not work.

Did you upgrade to Yosemite and are affected by syncing problems? Then please check up on the following points.

  1. Are all your Macs on Yosemite and all your iPhones and iPads on iOS 8? The former is a requirement for syncing between Macs, the latter for syncing between Ulysses and Daedalus.

  2. Syncing under Yosemite will only work when iCloud Drive is enabled on all devices. For verification, go to the System Preferences of your Mac, select iCloud and make sure that iCloud Drive is enabled. Also, click on Options… to check if it is enabled specifically for Ulysses.
    On iOS, go to the system settings, select iCloud and ensure that iCloud Drive is On and enabled for Daedalus.

  3. Syncing still doesn’t work? Try restarting your Mac and cold-booting your iOS devices. To cold-boot an iPhone or iPad, hold the Power and the Home button pressed simultaneously until the screen goes dark.

  4. Apple gathered the most important support information regarding iCloud Drive on a dedicated website. Have a look if it provides an answer for your question.

If all of the above does not solve the problem, don’t hesitate to contact our support. We’ll do our best to help.