Ulysses 15 is coming! We’re currently in the process of beta testing, smoothing and polishing the new version. In the meantime, we’re giving you a sneak peek at the new features.

Welcome to the image preview preview ? This new feature aims to make the work of website owners and bloggers easier, who store their images online and use URLs to reference them in their texts. With the current version, this works well when they export their texts; however, the Ulysses editor so far only displays tags for web images. But this is going to change!

With Ulysses 15, when you type (img) and reference the image with a URL, the app will retrieve a preview to display in the editor. On all your devices! That way, you can have a better overview of referenced images, and it’s easier to write about something the image is meant to illustrate.

What’s also new is that the PDF and DOCX exporters in Ulysses 15 will be able to handle remote images. So, if your images are online, there’s no more need to download and insert them in Ulysses; it is enough to provide a URL.