Ulysses is a sponsor of NaNoWriMo 2016, and we’re inviting all participants to write their novels with Ulysses (for free). Our offer also includes an introductory video, a free email course to get the most of Ulysses, and app giveaways during the NaNoWriMo season.

Wrimos, listen up! Today is your second chance to win Ulysses for Mac and keep it for your future works. We’re giving away five licenses, and they’ll be granted to the best NaNoWriMo novel beginnings!

Here is how it works:

  1. Copy the first 100 words of the novel you’re currently writing.
  2. Paste them to the body of an email (no attachments, please!) to nanowrimo@ulyssesapp.com.
  3. The subject of the email should be ”The First 100”.
  4. Send it to us before November 13, 2016.
  5. Edit Nov 8, 2016: Due to the language barrier, we can only accept entries in English and German. Sorry.
  6. Cheating disqualifies!

A jury consisting of incorruptible Soulwomen and -men will then select the best five novel beginnings (what we consider the best) and award them with a free license. What’s more, we’ll publish our favorite entry here on the blog. The verdict of the jury will be effective, final and highly subjective.

Good luck!