Ulysses for iPhone Tip #4

Are there any unfinished Microsoft Word writing projects in your drawer? This should not prevent you from using Ulysses in the future. You can import DOCX files quite easily into Ulysses’ text library. Important text elements like headings, emphasis, footnotes etc. will get transformed into Ulysses’ Markdown XL syntax. This is a new feature of Ulysses 2.5 and works on all devices, albeit the explanations below refer to Ulysses for iPhone.

From within the app, you can use “Import…” bottom right in the sheet list. You’ll then be able to select your DOCX file from the cloud. Switch between available storage services, e.g. iCloud Drive and Dropbox, by tapping „Locations“ top left.

The other option is to share a DOCX file via Airdrop, iMessages or Mail. When you tap and hold the file, you’ll get prompted with a list of apps available for opening it on your iPhone. Choose Ulysses, and the file will be imported as a Ulysses sheet into your library’s inbox.

The release of Ulysses 2.5 brought us thousands of new users. This series of tips aims to inspire writers that are new to Ulysses for iPhone or Ulysses in general to explore what the app has to offer. Also, check out the previous posts:

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