Ulysses for iPhone Tip #5

Note attachments are suited for keeping anything that belongs to but not in a text, from sudden inspirations to web links to character descriptions – up to you. Consequentially, notes will not be included when you export your text – but they’ll of course sync to all devices on which you have Ulysses installed.

You can attach a note to a sheet via the paperclip icon top right in the editor toolbar. Alternatively, swipe on the sheet to left. This will open the its attachment bar. Top right you can select what to attach. The notepad icon is for, you guessed it, notes – tap it and start typing. You can attach as many notes to a sheet as you want.

Once you’re here, you may want to explore the other available attachment types as well. These include keywords you can use to categorize your sheets, images or PDF files as well as writing goals, which you can use to track your progress towards a predefined word or character limit.

The release of Ulysses 2.5 brought us thousands of new users. This series of tips aims to inspire writers that are new to Ulysses for iPhone or Ulysses in general to explore what the app has to offer. Also, check out the previous posts:

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