Whether it’s the Statue of Liberty in a US travel blog or a sketch of the human DNA in a term paper on genetics: Images are part and parcel of many text genres. Granted, most people will recognize both the statue and the DNA – but in many other cases, an image caption is helpful or even necessary to give context to the subject at hand. Luckily, Ulysses 17 has improved the handling of captions in the app. ?

When you export a text as PDF or DOCX file, image captions will now be included. (In previous versions, the inclusion was limited to HTML and ePub export as well as publishing.) Even better: Captions are now also displayed on the preview of an image in the editor!

You’ll find further information about image handling in Ulysses in our recently updated tutorial, namely:

  • how to insert images into your texts, no matter if they’re stored locally or online;
  • how to customize the image previews in the editor;
  • how to edit the export settings of an image, for example, its size;
  • and how to attach an image, in case you’d like to have it in reach but not included in the text itself.

Learn everything about the use of images in Ulysses here.

Enjoy captioning your images!