An outlook on forthcoming Ulysses for iPhone and what you can do with it, part 5

While composing these previews I have been realizing that many writing-related tasks are actually well suited for the road – if only you own the right tool. Take later stage text editing and proofreading as examples. Both activities involve a lot of reading, possibly more reading than writing. If the editing part works pain-free – why should you tie up yourself to your desk?

So, reading your Ulysses texts on iPhone will be most pleasant (that is, very pleasant) in full screen mode. Should you find something that needs revision, just tap to make the keyboard – and thus Ulysses’ button row – appear, and edit away.

The button row was first designed to equip the iPad’s virtual keyboard for long-form writing. The purpose remains the same for iPhone. Due to the space restrictions, however, some revision was required. Here is what it will look like:

If you’re done revising, tap the downward pointing arrow right above the button row to hide the keyboard and go back to full screen – or should we say reading mode? – and continue.

With Ulysses for iPhone, editing and proofreading while you’re not at your desk will be a breeze. In case you need me: I’m on the beach.