For Ulysses 3, we’re creating a completely new, unified export engine. I won’t go into technical details, just know that it will be perfectly capable of generating anything from plain text to RTF with style sheets.

And just like the new editor, the new export engine is based on the idea of 360° semantics: No need to tell every single exporter that what you marked as “quote” should in fact be treated as a “quote”, since the exporters already know.

We’ve also completely redesigned the workflow, moving the technical side of things (such as transformations, styling) out of the way and concentrating on output management instead.

For example, you’ll now be able to create multiple sets of documents, which you can then export in group or on their own. Document selection and conversion settings are persistent across sets, so if you’ve found the perfect ePub template for your project, you can now export the whole thing or just single parts and chapters without the need to constantly re-select documents.

Needless to say, the Ulysses 3 exporter will sport a pleasing, modern and (hopefully) easy to use interface… which we’ll show at a later time.

Have fun.