One of the most requested features since launch has been: “Let me edit keywords for multiple sheets at once.”

And we nodded. And nodded. And said it was coming. Because it was sketched, and mocked up, and laid out since waaaaaaaay before the initial release. It didn’t make it into 1.0, and it then got buried someplace between a sheet list rework and the option to actually *show* keywords in the sheet list in the first place.

So, with 1.2, we will finally enable keyword editing for multiple sheets at once – right from the sheet list. Select some sheets. Bring up the contextual menu. Select “Keywords…”. Edit away.

Keywords that are present on all sheets, will be available in the familiar keyword editing field. Adding a keyword will apply it to all selected sheets. Keywords that are only present on some sheets, will be shown in a list below, unaffected from any editing.

If you want to apply any of the grey keywords to all selected sheets, click on it. Bam! ;)

It’s the simple things…