Folks, we heard you. You want your ALT-tags, you’ll get your ALT-Tags. And yes, of course, the correct way is to call them ALT-attribute, but really – you want them, or you want to nitpick? :P

We will submit 1.0.3 this week, and they’ll be in for your full descriptive pleasure. Markdown folks rejoice. Multi Markdown folks multi rejoice. Rest ignore.

As for some explanation of their current absence? You’ll get them in 1.0.3, you should be satisfied. Some things are better left… unsaid.

We’ve taken the liberty to not label that field ALT, though, because, really, nobody knows what that means anyway. So we call it “Desc.”, which is short for “description”, but we figure you figure this out by yourself, so go figure. Haha.

Ah, well, the joy of tiny feature announcements over big blog posts. Love it.