Ulysses 3 will feature what we call 360° semantics. Let’s say you got two projects, one for output as LaTeX, one for output as ePub. In both projects, you have defined an inline style for “emphasize”:

LaTeX: ++emphasize++
ePub: **emphasize**

Up until now, there was no way for the app to know that these two tags actually mean the same. So if you copied such passages between projects, you had to make sure the tags matched, or else your text would lose its meaning.

Plus, you had to tell each exporter what to do with that perfectly clear description of “emphasize”…

This will change with Ulysses 3. Text will get true meaning, keep that meaning when copied, and exporters will just know what to do with it: LaTeX will \emph, and ePub will .

And that’s what we call 360° Semantics.