check for updates

Quick heads up: There’s a new editor beta available now via in-app update. Just launch the beta and, uhm… check for updates or, like, update along, once the prompt appears. You can do this!

As for beta slots: We know we’ve promised some of you (probably you over there, yes, you!) to include you in “the next batch” and so on, and we still might, but we’re first checking feedback/response with the current testers, and then check if we need some more. So, if the current testers do their job properly — tough luck for you, my dear. If they don’t, we’ll get in touch. Win-win, y’know? Or is it loose-win? Dunno.

Either way, this being the final editor beta and all, we want to thank everybody for their participation and thorough feedback. We’re getting there, in no small part thanks to you. Keep it up! :)

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the BIG beta, you know, the one with everything in it, well, that’s up next. We’ll keep you posted…