According to ?recent studies by leading scientists? emojis are getting more and more important in our lives every day. Since we don’t want you to miss out on the emoji life style, we’re proud to announce that we’re adding support for ☝️Emojidown™☝️ to Ulysses.

☝️Emojidown™☝️ features everything you know from other markups, but is also much more fun and intuitive to use! Even better, there can be no conflicts between regular text and tags:

? A pleasant, focused ✍️ experience combined with effective ? management […] and ? export make ? the first choice for writers of all kinds.

Of course you’ll need some time to remember the correct emoji for each markup tag, but just as ??is ? said: ✌️ ? is ⚡️? ✌️ (“knowledge is power”). Soon you’ll be more productive ?‍? than ever.

☝️Emojidown™☝️ will be made the ?new default? with the next version of Ulysses. However, if you just can’t wait ⏲, don’t worry: You can already ?download? ☝️Emojidown™☝️ right now!

To get a better idea ? of what’s coming, ?read more about ☝️Emojidown™☝️ here? or take a look ? at the screenshot ? below. We’ve also made a short video ? that explains ?‍? each ?tag in detail ??.