Ulysses 2.1 will shortly hit the stores. In this series we show you what you can expect.

When we were developing the first version of Ulysses (also known as Ulysses III by that time), RTF was the file format of choice, if you wanted to exchange rich text documents on the Mac. Then Apple switched from RTF to DOCX without former announcement, and thus our freshly released writing application was suddenly unable to communicate directly with Pages, the Mac’s native text processing software. Well, it took a while, but with the release of Ulysses 2.1 this will officially be a thing of the past.

We’re following Apple: Ulysses’ RTF exporter has become a DOCX exporter, and will therefore be functional with Pages as well as with the world’s most commonly used text processor Microsoft Word.

DOCX Exporter Mac
Ulysses for Mac’s DOCX Exporter

In Ulysses 2.1, you will be able to preview your Word document and share it right away. Or you can send it to Pages (or Word) for some finetuning.

DOCX Export On iPad: Open in Pages
DOCX Export On iPad: Open in Pages

The new DOCX exporter will come as a new feature to both Ulysses for Mac and iPad.