Writing is ubiquitous. It is an essential part of our lives, no matter if we actually call ourselves writers. We write at a desk, on the train, in bed. Some write a million words, some write only a couple every day. A pamphlet might be written to change the world, while a journal is keeping a secret with care. Writing can be a profession or a vocation, a necessity or a pleasure, a way to communicate or a self-reflection. And whatever we write – be it for money, for change, for love –, we do so deliberately. What we write means something to us, and quite often it means something to others.

That’s what our new website and video Do You Write? are about. Because the people who write are the people Ulysses is made for, that is, you.

Do you write? We asked this question several passionate writers and Ulysses users. You can find their stories gathered on our new website, and we already published some of them at full length here in our blog.

And we’re asking you: What does writing mean to you? What are you writing about? How are you using Ulysses for it? Tweet us using #doyouwrite, post your comment to our Facebook page, or send us a message.

We’re really looking forward to read what you write!