Ulysses 2.1 for Mac and iPad will shortly hit the stores. In this series we show you what you can expect.

Making groups collapsible was among the most requested features for Ulysses for iPad. Yes, it’s true: If you’re a prolific writer and have a number of groups and subgroups (and maybe even subsubgroups and so on) things can get slightly confusing in the current version. Here is the good news: Version 2.1 will bring the option to collapse and expand groups – and therefore help mobile writers to have a more compact view of their library.

To collapse a group (and thus hide its subgroups), just tap it, swipe to left and select Collapse.

Collapse Expand

Expanding works the same way: tap a group, swipe to left and select Expand.

In the sidebar, a group containing collapsed subgroups gets indicated by a double arrow. Tapping it will open a view where only this very group and its subgroups are visible. The double-arrow in the navigation bar will bring you back to the superior group.