As mentionened on Twitter, we hit a road block with preparing Ulysses III for its mobile counterpart. To ensure seemless compatibility, we had to refactor the sidebars to an unforseen extent, which made us loose quite a lot of time that was meant to be spent on version 1.2 for desktop.

So in order to get 1.2 out the doors, we were left with the following options: Either pause porting Ulysses III to iOS, or pause creating the Style Exchange, or pause developing the blog exporter. Or, well, simply continue and push the planned release date back a couple of weeks.

Needless to say, it was a tough decision, but we finally went for option three: Pause the blog exporter.

This is stupid insofar as we announced 1.2 “for the bloggers”, but the other options would have been far worse: Pushing back release would not bring the blog exporter anytime sooner. Halting the iOS port would mean pushing back the planned iOS release for quite some time, since we need to consider WWDC, holidays, etc.

And halting the Style Exchange would mean removing all of the new Theme & Style stuff from 1.2, essentially pushing its release back to the next version.

So, no blog exporter in 1.2, but…

On Twitter, we also said 1.2 would be a cool update still. And we believe it will. Besides making Theme editing far easier and introducing the Style Exchange, we have added tons of user requests, such as sorting the sheet table and display of creation dates. We have added the option to display keywords right within the sheet table, edit keywords for multiple sheets, and introduced an option to set the amount of preview lines being displayed – it’s 1 to 6, just so you know.

We have also added some much needed fixes to how the editor responds to sidebar selection, so Ulysses is now more in line with how behaves. And we have have added writing targets/goals to sheets among other things, but that’s another post altogether.

1.2 is slated to hit the App Store in April. Yay!