I want a beta

Just a quick reminder that the current round of beta testing is limited to the *EDITOR* portion of Ulysses 3. What we’re looking for is thorough feedback on how the editor performs: Speed, markup, look’n’feel, handling of media and so on. There is no sense in taking “a look” at the current state of the app just for the fun of it. This is work, folks.

Now, we know how the word “beta” has been flickr’d and iClouded and whatnot during the last couple of years, but this here is the real deal. It’s built for testing purposes and not for production. We’re looking for input, not for praise. That should come with the territory. ;)

As such, access to the current beta is rather limited. We’re being overrun with request, and we’re sending out codes on a weekly basis, but if you didn’t get one, it’s not against you, it’s in favor of other people. Once we start rolling out the big app, with document management and export and all the other goodies, we’ll have a completely new round of testing, and we’ll chose from existing testers as well as new ones.

Keep your requests coming, just understand that you may not get in.

Have fun,
The Soulmen

Photo: Brett Terpstra