Since the question popped up on Twitter: While we’re working on Ulysses for iOS, we’re of course continuing work on Ulysses III/Mac. One of the projects that’s been lingering for some time now, is the Ulysses Style Exchange – our proposed online space to publish and download export styles.

Cool thing is, it’s already been started. We hope to move into beta by the end of March, and have a full site ready come April. We’ll see.

But since styles are only half the fun, we’ll also include a Theme Exchange. So you’ll be able to up- and download themes as well as styles. And for that, we’ll be issuing a 1.1.3 sometime soon, which will allow for simpler theme creation, management, palette changes, the good stuff.

Check the screen. It’s pre-alpha footage, but already running at 60 FPS…