An outlook on Ulysses for iPhone and iPad and what you can do with it, part 2

Let’s assume you’re a food blogger or a restaurant critic, paying a visit to the new trattoria in your neighboorhood. On your iPhone, you’re taking notes about the atmosphere, food and service quality. Or you’re on a mountain trip with your family, keeping a travel diary about your adventures. Or you’re a bestseller author researching for his next novel in, say, Venice, and you instantly realize that the victim meets his murderer for the first time in the very café you’re just sitting in. In all of these and probably many other cases you will want to take some visual impressions to accompany the notes and ideas you’re jotting down. Ulysses for iPhone will let you instantly complement your texts with the photos you take – without having to leave the app.

All you’ve got to do is to insert the (img) tag – will be accessible via the button row sitting above the iPhone keyboard – at the spot you desire. You’ll be prompted to take a photo, or to choose one from the library. The image is now part of your text and will, for example, get exported when you make a PDF. If your photo is intended to only illustrate or inspire your writing, you may want to place it in a sheet’s attachments. You can open attachments via the paperclip icon in the button row.

You can finish your piece right on your iPhone. Or, if you opt for a larger screen, you can leave your photo open to recall the smell and taste of that pizza while you’re writing. Hmmm :-)