Ulysses 2.1 for Mac and iPad will shortly hit the stores. In this series we show you what you can expect.

Yes, writing goals were missing in the first release of Ulysses for iPad. Yet they’re coming with 2.1, ready to fuel productivity, exactly as we know them from the Mac.

For the record: Goals allow you to set a word or character limit for sheets and groups, and then track your progress as you work your way towards that goal. There are different types of goals and various metrics available.

You’ll be able to add and edit a sheet’s goal via the attachment bar – just tap the paperclip in the button row to open it. Once set up, the goal status will get indicated by a coloured icon in the button row (and in the sheet list, if this option is enabled). As on the Mac, you’ll be able to share your progress on Facebook or Twitter.

Goals will be available for entire groups as well, and of course they’ll get synced.