Hi there,

this is Style from the Ulysses Style Exchange. Ok, just kidding, but here’s the deal: We’re in the final stages now, and the Style Exchange should go live within the next two weeks.

In order to offer our users a couple of styles to download from the get-go, we need, uhm, styles. Your styles.

So if you have created an export style for Ulysses III and would like to share, now’s the time to step up, attach it to an email, and drop us a line – no questions asked.

It doesn’t matter which export format you’ve chosen to support, by the way. If we get 100 styles for PDFs and none for ePub, so be it.

Just make sure to include your name, so we can give proper credit.

Please note, that we can’t offer any incentive here, besides being among the first to have your styles featured on the Ulysses Style Exchange. And while this may not mean much to some, it may mean the world to others.

You may also get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve helped test and ultimately build the world’s greatest and most important website for exchanging Ulysses’ style files.

Because that’s what this will be. Ultimately.

So, yeah, styles. Your styles. Attach to email. Send to us. Make the world a nicer place.

Have fun,