Welcome to our first round of the 3Q session, where we’ll try to address concerns, requests and general feedback. The magic number is three and attention spans are short, so this will be quick’n’dirty. Today: “Looking forward to 3, but what about Ulysses 2.x?”

Will this be an update, or will it be a stand-alone product?
Ulysses 3 will be a new, stand-alone product, not an update. You can continue working in Ulysses 2.1 for as long as you wish, even with “the new Ulysses” installed. We’ll also continue to offer Ulysses 2 in the Mac App Store and provide support and fixes. As long as feasible, of course.

What about compatibility? Will I be able to finish my 2.1-projects with “the new Ulysses”?
Tough one. We plan on offering migration, but in order to break new ground, we need to forget about any sort of legacy. So yeah, import/conversion is on our map, but we’ll handle it at the very last stage of development. It might even slip to 3.1. Also it will not be 1:1/lossless, that much we can tell.

Why should I buy Ulysses 2.1 now, if it will be obsolete in no time?
Puh, for one, Ulysses 2 is a great product available right now. It also offers what many believe to be the best plain text editor on the planet. It’s true and tried, and its feature-set is beyond what Ulysses 3 will offer initially. Plus, it’s a steal, really.

And that’s a wrap. If you want to see your own questions answered, don’t hesitate to contact us. There’s a feedback form at the top of every page, and we can be easily reached via email and twitter.

Have fun!