Welcome to this week’s round of the 3Q sessions, where we’ll try to address concerns, requests and general feedback. As before, the magic number is three, attention spans are short, and this will still be quick’n’dirty. Today: “What will be in this version?”

So Ulysses 3 will be a mature, fully-featured product like one expects form a 3.0?

Well, erm, see… uhm, no. Actually, Ulysses 3 is more like a 1.0 — it may be build around the same ideas as previous installments, but it’s a completely new product. Think of it as the third part in a trilogy, like in the movies. Better yet, think of it as the third season of some TV show. Or even better yet, think of it as the third outing of a blockbuster video game franchise. Maybe we should rename it to Ulysses III.

But it will definitely have feature X, right?

Most of what is part of Ulysses 2.x will show up in Ulysses III. Also, lots of current users’ feature and enhancement requests were taken care of when we restarted. However, this being a 1.0, some features will have to wait for future updates. So the answer is: Definitely probably yes maybe.

So what will be in there then?

Everything we’ve already talked about, as well as everything we’re going to talk about. Plus that little bit of extra we don’t want you to know until release. You can expect Ulysses III to have an editor, export and import functionality, a way to search for text, and means to organize your writing. Modern, Mac-like, and then some.

Will you really release the app under the name of “Ulysses III”?!?

We only allow three questions, sorry.

And that’s a wrap. If you want to see your own questions answered, don’t hesitate to contact us. There’s a feedback form at the top of every page, and we can be easily reached via email and twitter.

Have fun!