Welcome to this week’s round of the 3Q sessions, where we’ll once again try to address concerns, requests and general feedback. As before, the magic number is three, attention spans are short, and this will still be quick’n’dirty. Today: “Why a new version? Will I have to pay for this? I will never buy anything from you again!”

Why a new version? Can’t you just do an update?

Most of what we’re doing in Ulysses 3 can not be done by rearranging a couple of interface elements or adding a few functions. And some features, such as iCloud sync and iOS integration, are outright impossible with the current version.

As a long-time user of Ulysses 2, will I need to pay for U3? Do I get a special upgrade price?

Pricing has not yet been decided, but it all boils down to this: Everybody will get a special upgrade price, be it from version 1, 2 or zero.

I have bought Ulysses when it just came out, I paid a LOT of money for it back then, and now you want me to pay for it again. I will never buy anything from you again!


And that’s a wrap. If you want to see your own questions answered, don’t hesitate to contact us. There’s a feedback form at the top of every page, and we can be easily reached via email and twitter.

Have fun!