Welcome to the second round of the 3Q sessions, where we’ll try to address concerns, requests and general feedback. As before, the magic number is three, attention spans are short, and this will still be quick’n’dirty. Today: “How do you go about Ulysses 3 and Daedalus Touch?”

Will you offer integration between Daedalus Touch and Ulysses 3?
Oh, yes. You’ll be able to edit either app’s content in the other, and we’ll try to make that as seamless as possible.

Will you abandon Daedalus Touch development, now that you’re working on Ulysses 3?
Oh, very yes. In fact, we’ve just released the final update which adds support for the new iPad’s retina screen, so now we’re, like, totally done. So, uhm… NO!!!

I would rather see Ulysses on the iPad than having to use a completely different app. How are my chances?

And that’s a wrap. If you want to see your own questions answered, don’t hesitate to contact us. There’s a feedback form at the top of every page, and we can be easily reached via email and twitter.

Have fun!