Welcome to another round of the 3Q sessions, where we’ll try to address concerns, requests and general feedback. As before, the magic number is three, attention spans are short, and this will still be quick’n’dirty. Today: “What’s all this talk about Markdown?”

I’ve seen references to Markdown all over the place. Will Ulysses become a Markdown editor?
No. Ulysses 3 will offer the same kind of flexibility as earlier versions, meaning you don’t need to commit to one language/syntax. Markdown will just be one possible set of markup you can use to structure you texts.

So you’re not abandoning Ulysses’ semantics?
Oh, no way! You can go as personal or crazy with tags as you wish. Want to have **}mama{** for “strong” — go ahead.

Will you allow multiple approaches to semantics, or do I have to commit to one set of tags per project, as in Ulysses 2?
You can have as many sets of semantics as you wish. Say, one Markdown, one of your own (e.g. for LaTeX), another one based on Markdown but with extensions, and so on. You’ll have to commit to one set per document, though.
We’ll do a post from the lab on this one later today.

And that’s a wrap. If you want to see your own questions answered, don’t hesitate to contact us. There’s a feedback form at the top of every page, and we can be easily reached via email and twitter.

Have fun!